Practical skills to empower staff to perform at their best.

If you’d like to help your people manage stress, improve relationships and gain greater productivity, you’re in the right place.

Full or half-day workshops; or regular, lunch time sessions.

“The recent Big Day Out staff wellness day was a great opportunity to come together as an office and share a day focussed on improving our individual wellbeing. The event was well organised and covered a range of interesting topics and activities. The facilitator conveyed a strong passion for wellness and was both knowledgeable and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my own wellbeing journey, and where I want to go next.”
— Bree McWilliam, Department of Social Services
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Movement releases muscle tension, improves circulation, refreshes and energises body and mind.

Breathing calms the nervous system and evokes the relaxation response.

Guided relaxation and attention training cultivate focus, clarity and calm.

“Sharon delivered a number of mindfulness sessions to Commonwealth Bank employees during Mental Health month in 2018. She was very understanding of the challenges faced in the corporate world and facilitated the sessions to address those challenges. Sharon’s balance of mindfulness techniques was useful for beginners and experienced mindfulness practitioners and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough to any organisation that is seeking to improve its employees’ wellbeing, in particular stress management.”

— Slaven Drinovac, Business Development Manager, Commsec

WellWorkers programs are complemented by a market-leading app for ongoing practise and results that last.


Workshops and Multi-Week Programs

Too much stress can override the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. Stress causes 95% of all disease according to Stanford researchers.

Investing time to manage stress will likely save time off and medical bills later, whilst improving quality of outputs and relationships.

Regular practise is an investment in health, longevity, feeling well and being more effective at work and in life.

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Calm and Clear

Attention Management skills focus awareness
for more effectiveness.

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Emotionally Intelligent

Communication skills, self-awareness and self-management tools to regulate emotions.

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Mentally Agile

Harness thoughts and feelings, for more authentic engagement at work and in life.


How much is
stress costing your organisation?

Stress is the biggest expense to business in time off work for sick leave, according to the ABS.

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According to Medibank, the average worker takes 3.2 days off per year. At an average salary of $80K, this equates to a cost of over $1,000 per employee, each year.


High levels of stress also costs the organisation in higher rates of accidents and mistakes; presenteeism; and impeded relationships between colleagues and with customers.


BONUS: When people feel better they’re kinder to others, too.

When employees effectively manage stress, they’re less likely to engage in bullying, discrimination, and imposing unreasonable expectations on others. These behaviours are major causes of stress at work; they’re also unlawful and costly.


Mental Health First Aid

Two-day Certificate Course to recognize risk factors, signs and symptoms for a wide range of mental conditions; and appropriate interventions that could help save a life.



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Working in sales and marketing in the tech sector for over a decade, being the family breadwinner and raising a family, I can certainly relate to the pressure of targets, deadlines, juggling priorities and the never-ending to-do list. Fortunately, I found yoga and a myriad of complementary techniques helped me succeed at work and in life.
With the desire to market something I’m truly passionate about, I founded WellWorkers Programs to address the epidemic of workplace stress. My programs are relatable in the modern corporate context, with no mumbo jumbo.

My mission is to help employees feel better and to realize that success is achievable whilst maintaining calm, clarity and kindness. This leads to greater outcomes, both for individuals AND the organisations they represent.


I was thrilled with the response to my presentation on “Overcoming Negativity”

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“Excellent content. it’s valuable, easily applied and Sharon was a warm, engaging and wonderful presenter.”

“Really enjoyed the practical advice of this.”

“Excellent and tangible.”

From HR Summit participant survey.


As seen at

Brisbane Seminar April 2018

Brisbane Seminar April 2018

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Luna Park, Sydney, March 2018

Luna Park, Sydney, March 2018